Ertiriniz hayyr. Bruno Mars - the lazy song #music Name diyyanine dushunemok yone manga kakdyryan yaly birhili
Clint Mansel - Death is the road to ave #music
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@rosso, filmini görendirsiña
Can Güngör - Yalnız Ölmek #music
Batyr agan gyzy tm geldinizmi/gelyanizmi?
Geljek bolyanyzmy geljekmisiniz?
@Clumsy, yok baramok bu tatil)
@batyrgyzy, aci aci gulumseme
@Jepax, yo aci dala, gynanamok barmayanyma :)
Ed Sheeran: I don’t care #Music
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#Music Jonas Brothers: Sucker
Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran - I don't care #music
Полина Гагарина - Кукушка #music
Tear - Richard Wagner #song
Kukuska dinlapdim we haladym.
Who do you think you are? #music
Dreaming 'bout being a big star...
This question has been lobbed at most of us at some point, as an accusation. I see it as one of the most powerful questions that we could ask ourselves. Rather than scurrying away from the question in fear, every single time your Critic or anyone else dishes up the “Who do you think you are?” question, you could see it as a call to rise.
@rosso, what are u talking about man :D
Thunder thunder
@rezero, just use your brain, you'll find it out.
@rosso, don't care
@rosso, Oh, Waw, I wasn't expecting these much explanations:D And yes, I agree with you.But I think it depends on self-confidence somehow:)"PS:sorry for my English"
Family of the year- hero #music
Birine kakdyrmashak my ya tak sebe geje geje dinlasing geldimi?
@Jepax, öňki söýgülisine diýýäne meňzeýär, täzesini öwüp
@Bashkan, hahaha so funny
Normani and Sam Smith: Dancing with stranger #music #idontwannabealonetonight
Uzun ince bir yoldayim #music